The Lady who is knitting on pins!

I often hear this comment on teddy-fairs. But now it is a kind of a
In 1998 I saw these tiny bears the first time on a well known
fair in London. Instantly I was fascinated.
It took me quite a while to do the research about the fabric but than

I startedwith the experimental bear-making.
The sizes of my bears and animals vary from0,8 (micro-bear)

to 3,2 inches. They are all hand sawn and disc-jointed.
The design, sewing, jointing, label-making and the knitting of the
clothes-it comes all out of my hands.
So I can guarantee it is a real Bee Bear.
Every bear is unique in its way.

Since 1999 I show my bears in Berlin "Bärlinale" and other bear fairs
in Germany.
I started the knitting quilting pins, now I use special miniature

knitting needles.
The clothing is highlighting the individuality of each bear.
It is alway amusing to see the astonished faces of bear lovers
when I start my "show knitting".
The Bee Bears have always shown signs of "bearvolution", like the

development of special mini-disc joints or the bear
jewellery collection-this year some beary new items will be added.

As I always say: "Bears for all occasions".
Many ideas are still waiting to be realized.
You can have a look at them at some bear fairs or you can have a

glimpse at them - here on my website.
 I am always working on new bears and other projects, so more pages

are continually being added or updated, so please keep checking back.